Bot detection

A JS agent result will include the bot when it suspects the visitor to be a bot if an extended result was requested. Example:

const result = await fp.get({ extendedResult: true })
// result:
  // ...
  bot: { // Will be undefined when the visitor isn't a bot
    probability: 1,
    safe: true,

The probability field value is a value between 0 and 1 which tells you the likelihood of current visitor being a programmed headless agent. Visitors with bot probability greater than 0.9 should generally be treated as bots.

The safe field is presented and equal true when the bot is known to be safe, for example when it's a crawl bot.

A webhook request has only the botProbability field that is an equivalent of the bot.probability field of the JS agent result.

FingerprintJS Pro currently can identify these bot types:

  1. Selenium combinations (FF, Chrome, IE etc).
  2. PhantomJS.
  3. Chrome Headless.
  4. Search engine bots.
  5. Crawl engines/bots.

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Bot detection

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